At the core of our company context are what unites us as a team, why we exist, what we want to achieve and how we intend to get there. Creating and refining this context helps us to achieve our mission as a team.

Our context is shaped through a set of questions:

What unites us?

Our Values create alignment internally, but also between us and the stakeholders we work with. Only with alignment can we achieve a common goal.

Why do we exist?

This is our purpose. It’s formulated in our Mission.

What does the future world look like if we're successful?

See our Vision.

How do we know we're making progress towards our vision?

We set Targets & Milestones and track a set of Metrics.

How do we get there?

This is formulated in our Strategy. There is no clear cut definition of strategy so we formulate it in the way that works for us:

  • Our current context: where are we today and what is the external reality

  • Strategic initiatives or the “what”: if we focus on these, we believe it will enable us to make most progress

  • Phasing and milestones or the “when”

  • The organization we need to execute on this: our team, our drumbeat and our organizational design

  • The intermediate goals we set ourselves to make progress

    • Yearly targets

    • Monthly milestones

How do we do it?

This is part of our day-to-day and not codified here. You can dive into different functional areas like product, marketing and sales to read more about the inner workings of the beast.