Our mission is to make care flows work harder than care teams.

Let's unpack this a bit.

What is a care flow

Any sequence of activities performed by care teams to reach or maintain a desired health state for a patient. Examples include intake flows, triage flows, patient onboarding flows, pre-visit flows, discharge flows, care plans, clinical workflows, self-guided programs, care pathways, and digital therapeutics.

Who is part of the care team

  • The people responsible for delivering care. These are clinicians and non-clinicians including doctors, nurses, care coordinators, psychologists, nutritionists, coaches, clinical operations people and many more.

  • The patient, their family, and caregivers. Yes, patients are part of the care team. Plenty of evidence shows that where possible, patients actively participating in their care journey have better outcomes and utilize less care.

  • The people responsible for deciding what care is delivered and how. In larger organisations the decision makers and supporting staff include executives, product managers, project managers, software engineers, and compliance.

While building towards our mission we believe we have a shot at becoming the most valuable company on earth. Not in the conventional sense of shareholder value but compounded value for all stakeholders in healthcare:

  • Value for patients: better care experience, longer, healthier lives

  • Value for the people delivering care: a less stressful, smoother work environment

  • Value for provider organizations: profitable organizations, efficient and effective at making and keeping patients healthy

  • Value for society and citizens: less tax money and insurance premiums for better outcomes

  • Value for Awell staff: fulfilling, purposeful lives spent on things that matter

  • Value for our shareholders: a growing, profitable business