Our values

Progress in healthcare has enabled people to live longer, happier lives. Despite major advances in technology, healthcare delivery is largely broken. We want to change this. If we succeed in mission, there will be faster progress in healthcare, people will live longer and care teams will have more time for the human aspects of care.

This is a tall order. To get there, we need to align lots of moving parts toward our common goal. The way we do this is by making our culture explicit, fostering it, and protecting it. This is an ongoing effort. If we would not be good stewards of our culture, entropy will kick in. The outcomes would then be fragmentation, confusion, misalignment, and drift.

Like any other company, we value honesty, respect, inclusiveness, and collaboration. These are basic values we live daily and set the minimum bar when we hire new people.

Culture is what makes us unique as a company. Our software can be copied and our sales playbook repeated. But the aggregate of our actions toward our team members and external stakeholders is unique. Culture is how we interact with each other every day, how we get work done, and how we behave as individuals. It helps us make conscious decisions and trade-offs. What makes us truly unique is how we:

Rise by lifting others

We obsess over how we can make the people around us succeed, starting with our customers. We root for the success of team members and challenge them directly to help them grow. We are inclusive and kind. We know our weaknesses and find others to complement us with their strengths.

  • You think customer first

  • You continuously give, receive and act on feedback

  • You seek to first understand, then talk

  • You don’t act as a blocker but disagree and commit

  • You put team and company success over individual success

  • You recognize great performance and give praise

  • You recognize and embrace differences between you and others

Take big swings

We are creating tools for the next generation of care teams. We won’t get there by taking incremental steps. When we decide to work on something, we make sure the result is significant. We set ambitious long-term goals and relentlessly pursue them through curiosity, courage, and continuous learning.

  • You think big

  • You show curiosity and seek to explore

  • You start with the end in mind, then work backward to plot how you’ll get there and adapt along the way

  • You take on hard challenges

  • You do the best work of your life

Give and expect a lot

We lead our most fulfilling lives with high levels of autonomy and trust. We hire people who set high standards and expect others to do the same, making it easy to give freedom and flexibility.

  • You contribute positively to the team, company, and wider world

  • You own your decisions and hold yourself accountable for your results

  • You value freedom and autonomy by showing responsibility and ownership

  • You raise the bar for yourself and the team

Move with urgency

The lives of patients are in the hands of the care teams using our software. When we fail to deliver or slow down, it matters. We take this responsibility seriously so we relentlessly prioritize, take decisions fast and get things done that matter most.

  • You make wise decisions fast, despite ambiguity

  • You get down to the root cause when there is a problem

  • You prioritize and can choose what not to work on

  • You act and do not overthink

  • You choose progress over perfection

  • You seek new insights and use them to course correct

  • You find ways around blockers and don’t see a “no” as a dead end