In our vision we capture our desired state of the world at a 10 year horizon and how we want our product and company to evolve to make that vision a reality.

Awell’s vision is to become the leading CareOps platform used by care teams worldwide to drive continuous improvement in care delivery. The need for CareOps revolves around three core shifts in healthcare taking place today. First, the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care is accelerating, requiring provider organizations to increase their span of control of the care journey in order to safeguard outcomes and cost. Second, higher care delivery complexity due to an increase in roles, settings, and channels to provide care. Third, the rapid change in medical insights and the explosion of new technologies requires a move away from stale standardization and toward continuous evolution of workflows in healthcare.

In our vision, CareOps is mission-critical for provider organizations. Just like DevOps today, CareOps enables care teams to build a sustainable competitive advantage as they’ll be able to implement changes to care processes faster than their competitors. This in turn leads to faster learning cycles, enabling these teams to drive better outcomes at higher efficiency and lower cost than their competitors. In the future, care providers who excel at CareOps will see the following benefits:

  • Care teams spend a maximum of time on providing human care and a minimum on hunting data and copying it manually between systems.

  • Clinicians spend a maximum of time making hard decisions and a minimum on routine clinical tasks.

  • Care teams and patients always know what the best next step is in each care journey.

  • Generating and incorporating new clinical evidence or healthcare technology into daily practice is a matter of weeks or months, not 17 years.

  • Provider organizations are profitable and have clear visibility on how care flows drive outcomes and cost of care delivery.

  • The healthcare industry as a whole is on a continuous improvement path, improving outcomes, increasing quality, and decreasing the cost of care.


Awell is developing the CareOps platform to support turning this vision into reality in the following ways:

  • Care teams can build their ideal care flows, re-use and customize existing care flows, generate new ones based on provided input, and continuously iterate on existing flows.

  • Software engineers can integrate seamlessly into existing tech stacks by using off-the-shelf integrations or extending our platform to build their own.

  • Clinicians know where each patient is in their care flow(s) and what the recommended next action is for each stakeholder.

  • Decision makers have visibility on how care flows and changes to them drive outcomes and cost of care.

  • Thought leaders and clinical associations can collaborate across organizations and borders on building and continuously evolving the world's best care flows and making them available to all provider organizations.

  • Point solutions and healthcare innovations can easily be embedded in existing workflows.


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