Our is to become the leading CareOps platform used by care teams worldwide to drive continuous improvement in care delivery. This means the Awell platform will be the preferred solution to support the majority of care processes in healthcare.

However, given the complexity of and variety of healthcare processes, we can’t build this platform at once. That would take too much time and resources. We have to pick our battles, build an amazing product for those “battles”, make customers raving and move on to the next “battle”. This is similar to a well-known concept in SaaS software: the product wedge.

Phrased differently, our strategy is to focus on a narrow and a handful of specific use cases (see - only available internally) at the start and to continuously expand our market (more use cases, more customer types, more geographies, etc.). We have teams focused on refining the use cases for which the Awell Platform already is an amazing solution and teams who focus on the “next markets” for Awell.