Brand Guidelines

Writing Awell’s name


  • Awell (1 word, first letter capitalized)

  • (1 word, website address, not capitalized)

Not good

  • Awellhealth (1 word, capitalized)

  • Awell Health

  • AWell

  • A Well


  • Anything else that is not “Awell”


PNG file - transparent background
SVG file

Circle only

PNG file - transparent background


SVG file




Limit the number of used colors only to Awell’s official colors.

  • Awell Blue brand: Used for logo, main titles, and as a background color for the promo banners.

  • Awell Yellow: Used as a secondary brand color where we need a touch of contrast.

  • Awell Text: Used for the general text and iconography.

  • Awell Background: Used as an alternative background color. Can be instead of Awell Blue where we still want to draw attention to something important but we don’t want to use a strong/primary color.


Awell uses Roboto as its primary typeface. Roboto is a font created by Google and is a versatile font providing an optimal reading experience across all platforms and devices.


Limit the number of used fonts in a document to a maximum of 2-3 different sizes.

One-pagers have a stronger impact when the presented topic is using the entire real estate of a page. In order to achieve this we have two sets of dimensions available for text that offers a balanced visual proportion that can be used depending on the quantity of text.



We use only real photos of Awell partners, customers, or users and product’s screenshots.


We can use simple icons to convey a message, draw attention to an important aspect and break the monotony when is too much text.