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The written interview is provided to all participants in the interview process so there can be a baseline for future discussion, while not relying on other interviewers' notes. This method has the effect of reducing bias for candidates because every interviewer works from the same body of information.

titleWhy do the written interview before an interview with the hiring manager?

We thought about this question. On the one hand, asking candidates to prepare a written interview before they have really gotten to know the company well is a

Culture Interview



The best way to predict performance on the job is to actually do the job. Therefore, we include an exercise that mimics what the candidate would do once hired.

Some examples:


Engineering: Review/discuss a piece of code that was written recently, discuss how to implement a new functionality requested by a customer, etc.


Sales: Mock sales call with a customer


Marketing: Brainstorm ideas to increase awareness of CareOps


Our goal with the “day-in-the-life” (DITL) exercise is to see you at your best. We offer a couple options and ask you to choose which interview option you’d like to take.

Option 1: Pragmatic technical exercise

We’d work with you on building some part of an application (depending on the role), and would ask you to implement one or more features, and then have a conversation around them. The goal is not speed or perfect typing, but instead to see how you approach the problems and what questions you ask.

The exercise will be provided at the time of the interview.

Option 2: Personal project work

Bring something you’re already working on, and let’s do a pairing session together. Are you contributing to an open source project? Working on something personal? Shape something that you’d like to tackle in a pairing session, and we’ll work through it together.

It would be helpful to send us information about the project ahead of the interview so we can have time to prepare; also, please do not include anything related to your work, or anything that could be considered confidential.

Option 3: Choose your own interview

Have an idea for the interview? What do you think it should be? Let us know. Again, our goal is to see you operate in your zone of genius.

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