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The hill chart is a powerful tool described in Shape Up to assess where we are in the product development process but it can be applied to many other aspects of an organization. We even use it to evaluate how customers are onboarding in our platform and to provide visibility on where we are in a fundraising process.

Concave or convex position?

Sometimes, you need to shoot for an extreme on the spectrum. Where the middle is the place of mediocrity and you get to collect a lot of punches. Other times, the middle is exactly where you want to be. When making large scale decisions, the convex or concave nature of the solutions space matters on where you’d like to go.

Lenses for hiring

When evaluating a candidate we should strive to look at the person from as many different angles as possible. Why? We will get to know that person from all angles once they join our team, and then it’s too late. Being able to look from different angles upfront allows us to anticipate who will be a great fit to join us at Awell.