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  • If you’re planning on staying available (reading Slack / your emails) during your time away.

  • In case of burnout, the team should lift you and chase the context before you’re off instead of relying on you to come with it proactively


We understand that some A(wel)liens might want/need to take time off for a longer period at some point in their life and are supportive of that.

Our sabbatical policy is the following:

  • All A(wel)liens who have been with Awell for at least 3 years can take a sabbatical.

  • A(wel)liens can take a sabbatical every 5 years - so, for example, once after being 3 years at the Awell and once after being 8 years at Awell.

  • The sabbatical can take up to 3 months, of which 4 weeks are paid. The rest is an unpaid holiday.

  • The sabbatical has to be announced to the manager at least 3 months in advance (excl. exceptional circumstances)

Note: we have a separate policy for parental leave.